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Odysseus Now Available as Audiobook on iTunes

Our latest book, Odysseus, is now available as an Audiobook on iTunes, Amazon and Audible.com:



The audiobook version includes sounds and effects to give a beautiful fourteen-minute telling of our story. It is perfect for car journeys and for children to sit back and listen to the tale. The audiobook only costs €3.99 / £2.95 / $3.95 and it available to download now.


Launch of our new book: Odysseus

We are delighted to announce that our latest book, Odysseus, is now available from the Apple iBooks Store, on your Mac or iPad. This is he third book in the Early Myths collection and costs €2.49, US$2.99 or GB£1.99.

The tale follows the adventures of Odysseus, one of the great Greek kings. He unwillingly departs from his home to fight in the Trojan War and is a key player in rescuing Queen Helen. But his travels only begin after the end of the war, as he faces monsters, nymphs, gods and witches on his way back home to Ithaca. He must also face a challenge to his authority back in his palace before he has the chance to be reunited with his wife, father and son.

Odysseus is available exclusively on the iPad and Mac through the
Apple iBooks Store.

New book update: Odysseus and the Trojan Horse

We are working away on our new book, Odysseus, which is due to be launched this Autumn. This will be the third book in the Early Myths series, following on from Perseus and Jason & the Golden Fleece.

We have been working on the scene of the Trojan Horse and think we have a great image for this part of the tale.
Here is a snack peek at part of the new image:


The image shows Cassandra above the gate as the horse is pulled inside the city of Troy. Odysseus takes a quick look out through a flap, while the rest of the Trojans celebrate their “victory”.

We are now working on another image, the palace of Alcinous, where Odysseus tells of his travels and seeks the assistance of the king and queen.

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Working on our new book: Odysseus

We are in the middle of working on our new book, Odysseus, which is due out later this year. We have completed about a third of the images and are hard at work on bringing one of the most famous of the Greek myths to the Early Myths series.

As an early teaser, here is a rough draft and the completed version of our image for the pigs! This is the part of the story where the herb-mixer, Circe, turns Odysseus’ friends to pigs. She fears they will harm her when they arrive on her island:

odyssues-circe-draft odyssues-circe-finished