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Pre-orders for Persephone now available

Pre-orders are now available from Apple Books and Amazon Kindle for our latest book, Persephone, which will be released on 28th October 2018. This book has a very special bonus, with a Foreword by actor, writer, comedian and director, Stephen Fry. Many thanks to Stephen for his help with our work and his addition to our new book.

Persephone 300. stephen_fry_70_colour copy

Stephen has written a wonderful foreword, which focusses on how myths explain the complexities of life and the world around us. We are honoured to have his participation and hope you like the new member to our Early Myths books collection. Read More...

Jason and the Golden Fleece on sale now

Our latest children’s book, Jason and the Golden Fleece, is now available on the Apple iBooks Store. It is the tale of the hero Jason who is raised by a centaur in the Greek mountains, before he returns to his city and challenges the evil king for the throne. Jason leads the Argonauts across the seas to the edge of the known world to attempt to win the magical Golden Fleece.

jason-and-the-golden-fleece-book