Early Myths: Greek Myth Books for Kids

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Creating the images for our Early Myths books

When we come to work on an image, the process involves a number of stages.

Step 1: When we worked on “Jason and the Golden Fleece”, I provided our artist with the following images before he worked on the first draft of the Phineus episode.

We focussed on two famous Greek vase paintings showing the Phineus tale. The first shows Jason standing behind the king, getting ready to hide for the arrival of the Harpies. On the right is one of the Boread twins, as he prepares the food. It is a trap, to lure the hungry Harpies, to chase them and hopefully free Phineus from his torment:

Attic red-figure column-krater from 460 B.C.E.
Jason, Phineus and one of the Boreads.