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Atalanta- Winner of Bronze Award at the Wishing Shelf Book Awards

We are delighted to announce that our fourth book, Atalanta, has just won a bronze prize at the Wishing Shelf Book Awards (for 2016 books).

We are especially pleased with this win as the awards are judged by schoolchildren and teachers, and as much as we have been thrilled to win every award, this one is special because of the endorsement from the kids.


Atalanta is one of our favourites and we decided that when choosing a female character we would try to avoid the princess-trap, of choosing a passive lead character. The story of Atalanta is about a strong hero, who takes on challenges from nature and men and wins every time. The only person to beat her in a foot-race is a man who truly loves her, and even he needs the gods to assist him!

Our book is available in paperback and eBook formats, and can be bought on Amazon, iBooks and Kindle.