Early Myths: Award Winning Greek Myth Books for Kids
Early Myths is a series of beautifully illustrated children’s picture books telling the stories of the Greek heroes. We have brought the Greek myths to life for young children, still holding on to the oldest ingredients from the past.

atalanta jason odysseus perseus
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Our books are beautifully crafted tales, telling the oldest stories from 2,500 years ago. Each book follows one of our heroes on their adventures and is told in an accessible and educational manner. Every image created by our artist is based on an ancient work of art or sourced from early classical literature.

Book Awards
  • Our first book, Perseus, won a bronze award at the international Moonbeam Children’s Book Awards 2014. We won in the “Children's Picture Book - Enhanced and Apps” section and you can check out our book on the iPad, iPhone and Mac at the Apple iBooks Store

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  • Our third book, Odysseus, won an honourable mention at the Royal Dragonfly Book Awards 2015. This was in the Picture Book category (6+ age group)
  • Odysseus was also a finalist in the Wishing Shelf Book Awards 2015. All of our books have either four or five star reviews on Readers’ Favorite
  • Atalanta won a silver medal at the Moonbeam Children’s Book Awards 2016. It also won an honourable mention at the Purple Dragonfly Books Awards 2016 in the Picture Book category (6+ age group) and was a finalist in the “Children-Fable” category Readers’ Favorite Awards 2016

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About Our Books
Atalanta cover 100x140
Atalanta is the story of a young hero who refuses to accept convention. She takes on and beats the greatest of the heroes, but falls in love with a man who sees her as an equal. Atalanta is a tale of adventure, challenges, magic and love.
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Our tale of the hero who reluctantly departs from home and meets creatures, witches, gods and nymphs on his adventures across the seas. Victorious at the great Trojan War, Odysseus overcomes the odds to make it home, driven on by the hope that he will see his wife and son once again.
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Jason and the Golden Fleece
Read about the young man who challenges a king to win back the throne for his family. Jason gathers the greatest heroes together and sets sail to win the legendary golden fleece. Along the way he faces the dangerous Harpies, fire-breathing bulls and a bronze giant.
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Perseus is a tale of the young Greek hero and his adventures. He is banished from his home and takes on an amazing journey to the far edges of the world, to confront the Gorgon Medusa. Along the way Perseus battles with a sea-monster, rescues the princess Andromeda and returns to meet the old king who doubted that he would ever become a hero.
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